Manju and I have been living separately for past one year : Dileep

Dileep confirms his separation from actress Manju Warrier
Dileep with daughter Meenakshi.
Finally news has been confirmed from horse's mouth and in an interview given to leading women's Malayalam magazine, Dileep himself says that 'Manju Warrier and I have been living separately for past one year. It was a shock, when she leaves in the midst of life after having a love marriage'. Both star's divorce issue was rounding for while around social media and internet, even became one of the most trending topic around gossip mongers.

 Dileep quoted that 'As in many families, there are problems and I thought
it would never happen in my family. Because with such enthusiasm we had lived together for 14 years. Manju was like a friend that i could say anything to her and as far as i know she is very gentle. After all this, I had tried to adjust my life to harmony and I am not alone, my daughter Meenakshi is with me'. 

 He also added 'I didn't like that my wife acting again in movies as on many occasion i have said it. Even I have told one of director's to not to make movie with Manju and on that director, who is like brother replied politely that if you don't like we won't make it. Now it doesn't affect me, whether she act or not'.

 'Having once decided to be separated, then it wouldn't get on right track even after efforts. Everyone tries to live happily and there is no sense in living like a dead', said Dileep.

 On the reports of Kavya Madhavan had caused rift between two, actor replied 'Anyone can create a story. But it is our duty to help some close friends and there is not like female and male friends. If this was the case, she could have told me'.

 With this everything come out crystal clear. Earlier it was also reported that both have signed the documents of divorce in the Thrissur family court. Well definitely a sad news for the Malayalam movie industry.....

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  1. Once she will definitely realize your importance in her life ... Aftr all how she can left her daughter being a women , being a mother .... Now I realizing one thing my mother iss world's best mother...Se lived for me & my sister....I love my mom & dad..


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