"Onnum Mindathe" Malayalam movie review

'Onnum Mindathe' Malayalam movie review
2014 adaptation version of 1982 released "Alolam", looks more extravagant in terms of emotional approach. Sugeeth's third directorial film "Onnum Mindaathe" with variegated script, couldn't establish that chord needed for this particular family drama. In fact director opt to go safe by without disturbing the traditional way of film making. As a result, it doesn't offer any freshness and not look convenient on narration. On verdict point it ended up as an average flick.

 Here story concentrates on the life of an Agriculture officer named
Sachidanandhan (Jayaram) and his family consist of wife Shyama (Meera Jasmine) and daughter Kunjhi (Baby Anikha). As every typical common man, he also loves his family and apart from that he used to spend his time on farming. Everything was going nice between the couple until a friend of Sachidanandhan, intrude in their happy moments.

 This friend's name is Jose (Manoj K Jayan) and after a long time he has come to meet his childhood friend. Both Jose and Sachidanandhan shares a good repo, where they cherish their old times, which led to the trouble for Shyama. On the other, Jose's effect has impelled Sachidanandhan to have an extra marital affair and with the entry of Rose (Sarayu), things were never been the same. Rest of the story follows how Sachidanandhan deals with this drastic situation.

 Sugeeth hasn't experimented too much, which was nice till the first half and afterwards execution was totally unusual. Rajesh Raghavan's script also fails to put on the impression, which may be the reason for weak story telling. Faizal Ali's visual composition is enjoyable and editing front was usual from the hands of V Saajan. Songs are nice with the hands of Anil Johnson, where the lyrics have been written by Rafeeq Ahamed and V R Santhosh.

 On the performance side, Jayaram just done the character's version with his habitual manner and Meera Jasmine hasn't got too much to express her character. Manoj K Jayan and Sarayu's character was fine in parts. Joy Mathew, Baby Anikha, Lalu Alex, Dharmajan, Balachandran Chullikadu and others have managed their respective roles pretty well. For the banner of Qurban Films, Shafeer Sait is the producer.

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