"Ring Master" Malayalam movie review

'Ring Master' Malayalam movie review
As happens in most of the films of Dileep, "Ring Master" Malayalam movie also has its element of humour, but here variety is the treatment given to the plot. It hasn't crossed that overdose limit and for that director Rafi deserves an applause. Family audience will love this one for sure and of course!, performances from actors keep the things in tandem. At least, it is better than recently released comic capers of Dileep and so on this note, it is an entertaining one for this festival season.

 Here we have Prince (Dileep) working with his friend and veterinary doctor
Muthu's (Kalabhavan Shajohn) pet care center. Muthu sends him to a NRI's house, where his job was to take care of house and the pet dogs living there, in the absence of house owner Elizabeth (Ranjini). During this period, Prince gets the opportunity to interact with a blind girl Karthika (Keerthy Suresh), who used to walk through a support of a trained dog.

 Meanwhile, Prince gets along with dogs, which he was looking after and especially with Diana (a female dog). Later things get into the messy situation, where Prince along with Diana (female dog), have to leave the house because of negligence in duty. Now focus shifts on a film set and Prince takes Diana (female dog) for shooting and incidentally the name of heroine there too was Diana (Honey Rose). Rest of the story deals with confusions arises out there and the life of Prince.

 Director Rafi selected safer way to move ahead with his first independent film. Again the bet on comic flick and his team has scored in managing those dog sequences. On scripting part, it could not provide anything that adds apart from humour. On technical aspect, Shaji's camera works was nice and editing could have been better. Gopi Sunder's music was also suits the mood and the lyrics have been written by B K Harinarayanan and Nadirsha.

 How could someone spots a mistake in this rendering of Dileep, who have kind of mastered this type of roles. Well himself Dileep has have answers for this question. Honey Rose was there with some good scenes and Keerthy Suresh hasn't got too much to perform. Suraj Venjaramoodu, Kalabhavan Shajohn, Aju Varghese, Ranjini, Guinness Pakru, Sai Kumar, Saju Kodiyan, Mohan Jose and others have managed their characters pretty well. For the banner of Vaishaka Cynyma, Vysakh Rajan is the producer of this film.

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