"Masala Republic" Malayalam movie review

'Masala Republic' Malayalam movie review
This flavour of "Masala Republic" Malayalam movie directed by Visakh G S, depends more on sarcasm and too much of anything has cause the loss here. However film has its moments as well, but in some it fails at the execution level. Script could easily be spotted with not so pleasant experience and overall this film is just a nice one time watch.

 On a beginning note, story moves on with problems faced down by Bengali
migrant workers in Kerala. The condition here in Kerala is, wherever you turn, you can find a Bengali. All these workers have one thing in common to share some relief, which is 'Gutkha' and 'Paan Masala' and over to that government has put on a break by banning sale of 'Gutka' and 'Pan Masala'. A cop Shambu (Indrajit Sukumaran) has been assigned with the duty of Anti Gutkha Squad. 

 S I Shambu's job is to prevent illegal sale of this products. Now the plot travels through the parallel line with lots of characters take a sneak peek with female Journalist Shreya (Aparna Nair), Group of youngsters Sivankutty, Ambu, Althaf (Shine Tom Chacko, Vinay Forrt, Soubin respectively) and others, to make some quick money. A Politician Pattanam Balan (P Balachandran) try to woo this section of migrant workers. Rest of the story follows how Shambu unearth the mafia links in all this trade.

 Visakh G S on his first directorial venture, showcased a promising talent with the way he treated the humour element is pretty nice. Arungeorge K David's script just goes out of the track and too much of situations might ended you up in bewildered state. Suresh Rajan's cinematography work looks in touch and Jassie Gift's music also fine in parts.

 Indrajith Sukumaran has once again made it to cop's role and the things were look under his control. P Balachandran also done his part in appreciable manner. Mamukkoya, Vinayakan, Aparna Nair, Sunny Wayn, Vinay Forrt, Shine Tom Chacko, Captain Raju, Srindaa Ashab and others have made it to their respective characters. For the banner of Chemmeen Cinema, Sukumar Thekkepat is the producer of this film.

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