"Hi I'm Tony" Malayalam movie review

Hi I'm Tony Malayalam movie review
This time script put on hocus-pocus situation might be because of psychological aspect. The effort was there to execute the brilliance here, but scripting lead things to dilemma, which fails to entice that thrilling feel. Lal Jr. takes on the risk of maintaining a thriller with limited resources, unfortunately things don't work out well on silver screen. "Hi I'm Tony" Malayalam movie disappoints big and you might need enough patience to reach out cessation.

 The story happens around in a day at Bangalore city, where newly married
couple Sameer (Asif Ali) and Tina (Miya George) comes to make their future a better one. Sameer's friend Samson aka Achayan (Biju Menon), a builder by profession, avail them an all equipped model flat in an under construction project. It's all free to them on one condition that of promoting this project to interesting buyers.

 In the mood of celebration, couple all set begin their new life and on the same moment door bell rings. They have an unwanted guest named Tony (Lal), who has arrived to offer his apologies for the car accident happened with them earlier in the city. Now the conversation between them move to obnoxious situation, where couple experience the psychic behaviour of Tony. Here story discuss the life of Tony and what caused him to react like this, which takes you to somewhat twist in a tale in the climax.

 Lal Jr. aka Jean Paul Lal needed to be appreciated for technical brilliance and it scores maximum there, whether it is fight scene or look wise appearance all suits there, but at the end script matters more. Scripting could have been precise, Tony's character (that's what film based on) sometime reacts awkwardly and the rest you have left with is violence.

 Alby's cinematography works pretty well with this dark shaded subject and Ratheesh Raj's editing seems to have missed that cunning touch. Deepak Dev's music and background score suits the atmosphere of this plot. Art department also done their job pretty beautifully.

 Tony's character was just apt for Lal, but in his rendering it felt like he is repeating his past characters. Asif Ali maintained right proportion to balance his character and put up a decent show. Miya was nice with her part of acting. Biju Menon and Lena also come out well with their respective roles. SJM Entertainments and Ideas Inc., Siby Thottupuram, Joby Mundamattom and Sajin Jaffar are the producers of this film.

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