"Manglish" Malayalam movie review

Review - Manglish Malayalam movie
Salam Bappu directed "Manglish" Malayalam movie is simply a treat for the fans of Mammookka. The scripting part could have been on better side, otherwise it is just written with all the masala ingredients that would be loved by mass followers. The film is on balanced side with the performance and humour element. If you don't want to scratch your head with story and looking for some fun time, then "Manglish" is all for you....

 The plot here deal with the life of Malik Bhai
(Mammootty), a fish trader from Kochi and holds good reputation around city and an intimate friend of corrupt politician. His interest in real estate is well known and every deal happens to pass through him. He had earlier married a politician's daughter, but it wasn't blossomed for long and now a divorced man.

 Politician seek Malik Bhai's help in vacating a home stay, which is occupied by foreigner Michelle (Caroline Bech) and came here to protect her ancestral property that scrounged by its caretaker. Now the things get into the so-called 'Manglish' effect, where Malik Bhai struggle to understand the language of Michelle and it results into baffled situation around them, which forms the rest of the story.

 Riyas's script wasn't seem to have delivered the momentum needed in the story line. Director Salam Bappu opts for different genre from his debut one and this time he superintend the sequences pretty nicely. Narration lags in the first half, on the other second half sails through smoothly to provide some good humour moment.

 Cinematographer Pradeesh M Varma's visual composition was fine and same for Vijay Sanker's cut. Gopi Sunder's music was enjoyable in parts and the lyrics have written by Santhosh Varma and Harinarayanan.

 All was written for the actor named Mammootty and the story revolves around him, the actor delivered it delightfully. Dutch actress Caroline Bech justified her character with the appearance, Srinda Ashab's performance was classy, Tini Tom, P Balachandran, Sudheer Karmana, Sunil Sukhadha, Joju George, Vinay Forrt, Raveendran, Sathaar and others have given their usual to their respective characters. Red Rose Creations banner, Haneef Mohammed is the producer of this film.

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