"John Paul Vaathil Thurakkunnu" review

John Paul Vaathil Thurakkunnu Malayalam movie review
After watching this, even John Paul would have a thought that it would be better not to open the door (Vaathil). Chandrahasan directed "John Paul Vaathil Thurakkunnu" Malayalam movie takes the things for granted and it is an attempt that falls flat straight away. Here the possible mistake goes in the execution front, which put whole effort in vain. On a verdict point, it is not up to the mark.....

 Basically plot is based on Punathil Kunjabdulla's short story and in this film
we have John Paul (Deepak Parambol) in the lead, whose behaviour is far from impurities and honest enough to be a favourite person among his friends. On the other his sister Anna (Darshana Rajendran) also supports him by doing small works to support their life.

 On a particular condition, John move into the city for an interview. His meeting with Manoj Mathan (Sudip Joshy Mathew) on this interview turns up a nightmare for him. As Mathan had some issues with John's father Paul and now he want to settle a score with his son, which takes the story to the climax.

 As we have mentioned earlier, execution part was not goes well with the narration, direction and script didn't find a path on the same lane. First half was simply goes for nothing and in the second half you have to deal with melodramatic situation. Rakesh Ramakrishnan's visual wouldn't support the cause and on visual effects also, movie didn't keep that serendipity to survive. Aniyan M Simon's music was average.

 Deepak Parambol tries hard to look genuine with his effort, unfortunately he didn't open up with his character. Sudip Joshy enacted his character of Manoj Mathan, in an awful manner. Darshana Rajendran made it to her character pretty finely. Madhu, P Balachandran, Rajesh Hebbar, Shruthi Menon, Vishnu Raghav, Nirmal Benny and others have just walk-through with their respective roles. For the banner of Ministry of Movies is association with Yaathrika Cinema, Arjun Mohan is the producer of this film.

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