Review : "Njan Steve Lopez" Malayalam movie

'Njan Steve Lopez' Malayalam movie review
The Challenge was there to inscribe characters in a script that looks modest in terms of entertainment and this time also director Rajeev Ravi picked up the same route, which he left with his first directorial "Annayum Rasoolum". This second venture of director has something obscure that strike viewers in a practical way. On a verdict point, "Njan Steve Lopez" Malayalam movie is good and watchable one....

 Center of attraction is title character Steve Lopez (Farhaan Faasil), is the son
of a police officer George Lopez (Alancier). Steve is naughty and loves to spend his time around smart phone and social networking app. His life involve friends and partying up with them hard. Meanwhile tries to woo woman is his one of the time pass.

 There we have his childhood friend and classmate Anjali (Ahaana Krishna), love interest of Steve and she also shares same feeling for him. On a fateful day, Steve became eyewitness to a cruel slay of a gangster's brother. He wanted to disclose everything as an eyewitness, but ironically he didn't get any support from his loved ones. 

 How this incident bring changes in his perception and its after effects takes you to the climax of this film.

 Narration seems to have picked something odd in between, otherwise a meticulous approach from the writers. Scenarist's Rajesh Ravi, Santhosh Echikkanam and Geethu Mohandas deserves applause for out of box thinking. Director and cinematographer Rajeev Ravi again as we said, hit the spot in weaving spine-tingling factor and implementation of scenes were apt to circumstances.

 Visual composition from Sudheesh Pappu, definitely brings on lively moments. B Ajithkumar's editing could have been on better side. Shahabaz Aman's music was catchy one and Background music successfully attract the frames. Technical team had done their best to produce rich outcome.

 Farhaan Faasil on his debut, did his character pretty naturally, who positively handled the emotions of two stage. Ahaana Krishna also did her best, but she gets that character which hasn't had any depth. Sujith Shankar, James Elia, Alancier, Chinnu Kuruvilla, Mini K S, Vinayakan, Anil Nedumangad and others have managed to give their ample support in the theme. Collective Phase One is association with JAR Pictures, M R Filmworks and Media Mill banner are the producers of this film.

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