"Peruchazhi" Malayalam movie review

Peruchazhi review
It seemed as though there wouldn't be any person other than superstar's fans, who was watching this film. "Peruchazhi" is a movie made with satisfying elements for his hardcore admirers. The wait for something unprecedented factor have fizzled out with the release. Arun Vaidyanathan made the things more complicated with the confusion over script. However, Mohanlal is all there for your entertainment, watch out this one for his performance.......

 It is about Jagannathan (Mohanlal), who holds inherent ability to get out of
every matter in a smart way. A sports enthusiast, who has sidekick with Pottakuzhy Jabbar (Baburaj) and Vayalar Varkey (Aju Varghese) and these three execute their plans in witty manner. On the other we have Sunny Kurishingal (Vijay Babu), who is looking after election campaign of candidate John Kory (Sean James Sutton) for California's governor.

 Sunny is bearing the brunt for not turned up to a favourable results with ongoing election campaign. He now relies on PWD Minister of Kerala, Francis Kunjappan (Mukesh) for help. He is pretty sharp and concerned about Jagannathan as biggest threat to his political career. He smells the chance to edge out Jagannathan by offering him task to guide election campaign of John Kory. There begins the American journey of 'Peruchazhi' and their dilemma with English language, forms the rest of this story.

 In the 'hustle and bustle' to produce something different, director Arun Vaidyanathan put up a disorientated situation. It is kind of mixed-match in terms of execution, where first half traverse through pretty fine and at the same rate second half has its drawback as well. Too much of Lalism might have tampered the potential of being a good satire.

 Ajayan Venugopalan's dialogues could have been much precise and on technical aspect, Arvind Krishna's visual composition was fine, which gave the feel of US flavour. Editing of Vivek Harshan also adds some nice impression. Arrora's music was just average, while background score is benign.

 As movie solely depends on Mohanlal and obviously actor does it with apt dynamism and forte of character 'Jagannathan'. Baburaj and Aju Varghese have managed to shine in their comical roles to a certain extent. Mukesh and Ramesh Pisharody rendered their respective character with spontaneity. Ragini Nandwani was pretty as 'Jessy'. Vijay Babu, Delhi Ganesh, Poonam Bajwa, Sean James Sutton, Ashvin Mathew, Poonam Bajwa and others have put up a decent show. 

 For the banner of Friday Film House, Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas are the producers of this film.

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