"Bhaiyya Bhaiyya" Malayalam movie review

'Bhaiya Bhaiya' Malayalam film review
Nothing has come on the favourable path for the team of 'Bhaiya Bhaiya' Malayalam movie, at least one could predict that after watching this one. Scriptwriter Benny P Nayarambalam packs on the same version in a lackluster way that he had prepared for different directors in recent past. Sorry to say, Johny Antony's direction was let-down here. On a rating scale, this film is below average....

 Story here deal with the life of two lad, Bengali Babu (Kunchacko Boban) and
Babu Ram Chatterjee (Biju Menon). Both are kind of living in a brother status, Ram hails from Bengal and living in Kerala since his early days, after being adopted by Bengali Babu's father. He is strong enough to beat anyone out there as obstruction.

 Chackochan's character of Babu, deals with supply of labourer and a guy who enjoys games on his phone. When he lands up in any problem, then his shelter would be Ram for protection. On a particular circumstances, their trip to Bengal and the flashback is all about, which forms the rest of this film.

 After a hiatus of two years, Johny Antony return to direction and that too with a story, which shakes when someone treads over it. It was just about encashing the star value of Chackochan and Biju Menon Jodi. Benny P Nayarambalam just put on a shoddy effort, where script is pretty similar to his past few films and one can't believe that it happened with the man, who had scripted movies like "Junior Mandrake".

 On technical aspect, Vinod Illampilly's camera work was less attractive and same for the editing of Ranjan Abraham. Music was just average with the hands of Vidyasagar. 

 Kunchacko Boban and Biju Menon again turn up with their combination, while this time it was charmless. Biju Menon shouldered the character with apt mannerism, Kunchacko Boban was as usual. Nishha Agarwal on Malayalam debut, struggled a bit for the portrayal of her role. Innocent, Salim Kumar, Suraaj Venjharamood, Vijayaraghavan, Shammy Thilakan, Ambika Mohan, Jacob Gregory, Thesni Khan and others have justified their respective roles. For the banner of Nobel Andre Production, Laisamma Pottur is the producer of this film.

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