"Rajadhi Raja" Malayalam movie review

'RajadhiRaja' Malayalam movie review
As movie offers nothing new to the audience, but Ajai Vasudev's directorial execution gave that 'King' feel to this flick. Mammootty starrer "Rajadhi Raja" Malayalam movie turns out a pucca entertainer for this Onam festival. Story here is nice in the family backdrop and the crew maintained narration pretty effectively. On verdict point, film is fair enough to fall in the category of watchable one.....

 It is about Shekharan Kutti (Mammootty), a simple down-to-earth person, who
owns a restaurant. He is leading happy life with his wife Radha (Raai Laxmi) and daughter. But things get tensed with the arrival of his wife's relative Ayyappan (Joju George). His behaviour of taking one on one with nemesis, has increased emotional strain for Shekharan.

 Usually Shekharan Kutti circumvent all the obstacles to stay away from any problem, but on an occasion he gets into a brawl with goons. Now things started to take new twist, when Ahamad Shah (Joy Mathew) from Mumbai, reports police to arrest Shekharan Kutti as he look alike a notorious don Raja, who gets killed in an encounter. Now the story focuses on his life and misconception arises around him.

 As the motive was to entertain audience, so team of scriptwriter Udayakrishna and Siby K Thomas put on their old usual style in writing. Script here doesn't offer anything new, but implementation of right material was given by the man who steered the ship - Ajai Vasudev. Director successfully created that momentum for the character Shekharan Kutti to excel in pretty fine manner.

 Shaji's cinematography was good, especially on those fight sequences. Editor Mahesh Narayanan done his job sweetly with the right amount of cuts. Songs are just about meager by Karthik Raja and background score by Gopi Sunder, does give the feel of surrounding.

 The star factor gets an ample amount of treatment, Mammootty made it with ease. Raai Laxmi hasn't got too much of screen space, while Joju George delivered the best out of his character. Joy Mathew doesn't gave that touch of Ahamad Shah and Siddique, Lena made it to their respective roles. If you not get enough then you have Bollywood stars Mukesh Khanna, Rahul Dev, Nawab Shah, Raza Murad in villainous roles.

 For the banner of Goodline Productions, M K Nasser and Stanly Silvester Consera are the producer of this film, which is being distributed through Playhouse Release.

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