"100 Degree Celsius" Malayalam movie review

100 Degree Celsius Malayalam film review
Rakesh Gopan picked up the right scale to balance the narration of "100 Degree Celsius" Malayalam movie. It not goes beyond that certain level to give the feel of over-dramatized. The subject focusing on women, speaks out the incidence happens in their lives. However script has its drawbacks as well and on verdict point, the film is good enough to fall in watchable category.....

 The story here mainly concentrates on the life of  four women Nila (Shwetha
Menon) an IT professional, Nancy (Bhama) works in a bank, Revathy (Meghana Raj) a television reporter and Ganga (Ananya) a college student. Now they are living together in an apartment by leaving behind their sorrowful past.

 Between these four - Nila, Nancy and Revathy have different opinions on their separation with their husbands. On a fateful day, their life moves to nightmare with an incidence. Lovely (Haritha Parakod), a housewife also get entangled in this betide, which takes you to the climax of this film.

 Story has its presence from the beginning and last without not so much obstructions. Rakesh Gopan's script somewhere moves out of narrative. In the first half, it sails through smoothly and second half fails to connect the proceedings. Sathyanarayan Suriyan's visual composition was nice, Don Max editing could be more precise. Gopi Sunder's music stays at average.

 The ensemble cast perform their best to provide ample amount of a thriller. Shwetha Menon looks a bit out of touch, Bhama done it as usual, while Meghana Raj and Ananya totally justified their respective roles. Haritha, Sethu, Sreejith Ravi, Ganesh Kumar, Mithun Ramesh, Anil Murali, Sivaji Guruvayoor and others have also made it to their characters.

 For the banner of R R Entertainments, Royson Vellara is the producer of this film. As per makers, it is the part-1 of its two segment.

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