Mammootty joins new platform "Ello"

As everyone knows our own Megastar Mammootty is a gadget freak and from its launch, the product will be on his hands. But now here story is different Mammookka has become the first celebrity from Kerala to have an account on new social networking site "Ello". This new social media platform is getting more attention because of its policies of no user data sharing and no advertisement.

Mammootty joins 'Ello' social networking site
 The actor forays into "Ello" by writing - "hi, ello :)" and till date, he has garnered
around 280 followers and plenty of views. His recent film "Rajadhi Raja" poster has been used as background cover photo. This new platform emerging as a big competitor for existing social networking sites like "Facebook".

 To join this, user would have to request an invitation from existing user. The volume of new user registration is high and currently site is dealing over 30,000 signup request per hour.

 Mammootty's url on 'Ello' -

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