Mohanlal's website '' hacked

Mohanlal's official website '' got hacked
Mohanlal's official website '' had been hacked by a team of hackers named as 'team cyber warriors'. A group of hackers supporting separate Kashmir, are behind this cyber attack and on Tuesday morning (Oct.7), followers get to see something unexpected from their Superstar's blog. However few hours back website was reinstated and now everything is normal.

 Hackers have posted anti slogans and along with that it also saw Pakistani
flags on the home page of this website. Their messages read - 'Our target is your government websites..., "Your bank accounts, credit cards, servers are in danger". We never forget what you did against the humanity. In Jammu and Kashmir, millions of people were dead. Indian forces destroyed Kashmir's families, killed innocent children. But no one cares !'.

 At last, they also posted - dear admin we just want to publish our message and dear citizen 'Muslims are not terrorist'.

 This attack seems to be after affect of Mohanlal's support to prime minister Narendra Modi in his recent blog post.

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