Review : "Tamaar Padaar" Malayalam movie

Tamaar Padaar Malayalam film review
After going through this Prithviraj starer "Tamaar Padaar" Malayalam movie, it felt all hopes have been shattered like a pack of cards. Generally there was curiosity with the title of this flick, but scenarist in Dileesh Nair kind of get into head-scratching session under his own direction. As a result this satirical comedy fails to impress. Overall it turns out a below average affair....

 Especially in the beginning, Prithviraj fans may get disappointment because first
half deals around life of Jumper Thambi (Baburaj), a circus artist who always ready to demonstrate his strength by bending iron rod. Next one is Tubelight Mani (Chemban Vinod Jose), a stuntman who loves to break tubelight on his body in a public show.

 Just before interval, we get the glimpse of S P Pouran (Prithviraj) a police officer, who has been named by his parents to become a good and responsible citizen. In between we see character of Valsamma (Srinda Ashab) and Minister Kaattuparamban (Ashwin Mathew). The two virtuoso Thambi and Mani associates for a daring circus stunt. Pouran's gaffe lands both in a big trouble and what happens next is the story all about.

 Here story is nice, but the problem is the way it has been conveyed. This film lags that medium to communicate with an audience. Over to that voice over given by Journalist Jayashankar made the things more complicated. Dileesh Nair tries to give something different from his own concept, while it all went dismal with the scripting. If it had been treated well, then it would be a thorough enjoyable. 

 Otherwise a well packaged on visual front, whether it is Alby's cinematography or Bijibal's composition had provided that richness feel. Editing of V Saajan was okay and Ajayan Challissery's art department work was commendable.

 Prithviraj enters scenario almost at second half and whatever he did with his Trivandrum slang, manage to entice his fans in favourable condition. Chemban Vinod again showcased that he is hale and hearty enough to perform characters like these. Baburaj performed his usual, Ashwin Mathew was nice. Srinda Ashab, Vijay Babu, Jojet John and others have just made it to their respective characters.

 For the banner of Rejaputhra Visual Media, M Renjith is the producer of this film.

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