Actor Jishnu cleared uncertainty over his falsified photo

Jishnu Raghavan cleared confusion over fake news and photo
Courtesy - Jishnu Raghavan FB page.
Last two days have buzzed up the social media and online world were busy searching about Malayalam actor Jishnu Raghavan. The reason was a falsified photo of actor, which spread like a wildfire among users of 'WhatsApp' and other online platform. Even fake news also came about his health condition, which led Jishnu himself to clear the uncertainty over this issue.

 The actor wrote - 'hi friends.... the pic thats floating in the social media is an old one taken after my first
surgery in jan.. a mischief by some hospital staff as nobody else had access to ICU... it is sad someone had to spread such a horrible picture creating unnecessary confusion.... i am still on treatment but will be back to work soon... love you all...'

 His friends, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Indrajith Sukumaran and director Rajesh Nair have condemned this kind of mischievous act, through their social networking pages.

Prithvi wrote :-

Indrajith wrote :-

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