Review : "The Dolphins"

'The Dolphins' Malayalam movie review
What would happen if you are sitting in the bar and exact you have been served with 'old wine in a new bottle'. In case of "The Dolphins" Malayalam movie also sail through the same path, but director Diphan has also added some extra flavour as well. Anoop Menon purports to be a different story teller from his previous outing. Nothing new, still some tempting moments makes this flick a watchable one.....

Dolphins movie review
 Panayamuttom Sura aka Sura Balan (Suresh Gopi), who kind of flurried with the behaviour of others
and find himself in disdain. He owns chain of bars in Trivandrum and a rich unsophisticated personality. His friend is Nandan (Anoop Menon), a businessman and singer as well and two spends good time together.

 Sura is pretty close to his wife Kochuvava (Kalpana), but there is a sense of mediocrity in his married life. Things took dramatic change when an astrologer apprise Sura of his death in the coming days, meanwhile only a woman could avoid his death. There we see the entry of Mridula (Meghana Raj) and with added apprehension, rest of the plot follows along investigation of police.

 After a hiatus director Diphan returns and he managed to pull of some decent scenes, otherwise story traverses on predictable line. The climax punch was appreciable with emotional touch, Anoop Menon put up a balanced script, which definitely bring some amusing effect.

 On technical side, Jithu Damodar's cinematography is nice and the credit should be there for art department for the ambience. M Jayachandran's songs are good, which include reprise of yesteryear song 'Oh Mridule'. BGM also gave needed impression.

 Suresh Gopi made a delectable change in his appearance, despite of bit snag in his Trivandrum slang. Another special surprise came from Kalpana, deserves applause for her rendering. Anoop Menon stick to his basic, as he was well versed with the plot. Nishanth Sagar does his comical character in a noticeable way.

 Madhu, Saiju Kurup, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Meghana Raj, Rahul Madhav, Indrans, Irshad and others have given ample support with their respective characters. For the banner of Line of Colors, Arun M C and Sudeep Karat are the producers of this film.

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