Review : "Lal Bahadhur Shasthri"

'Lal Bahadhur Shasthri' Malayalam movie review
If you are approaching this flick with high hopes, then you may ended up in dilemma whether it is totally enjoyable or not. Debutante director Rajishh Midhila's "Lal Bahadhur Shasthri" Malayalam movie traverses on inanimate script and felt like a half-hearted attempt. Performance wise actors do try to expunge those flaws, but up to an extent. On the whole, it turns out an average one......

 The story revolves around Lal (Jayasurya), a rustic guy from Kuttanad village, who hold all
the qualities to be an honest man. Next one is Bahadhur (Nedumudi Venu) a former Panchayath President and now a dipsomaniac. Another one is Shasthri (Aju Varghese) a farmer. These 3 person meet each other during their journey.

 Lal is in search of job, that's why he is moving to city, Bahadhur is going to see his hospitalized friend and Shasthri is heading towards government office to get some documents approved. These central characters from distinct background, get enmeshed in the net of a lottery ticket, which forms the rest of the narration.

 As today's trend, here also subject depicts one day incident and inability to sustain that momentum weakens the plot. Rejishh Midhila applied himself as a good director and on scripting front he just failed to input those essence.

 Visuals are nicely adapted by Eldho Issac and editing by Sandeep Nandakumar doesn't gave that fineness. Bijibal's song and BGM stays at okay level.

 Again Jayasurya exhibit a delightful piece of rendering and Nedumudi Venu no words for master himself, it was just treat to watch two's combination. Aju Varghese did his usual mannerism with loosely written character. Master Minon was spot on with his role and Jayasurya's son Adwaith also marks his debut. Meanwhile Mala Aravindan, Sandra Simon, Kavitha Nair and others just pass on without much impression.

 For the banner of Jairaj Films, Jose Simon and Rajesh George are the producers of this film.

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