Review : "Njangalude Veettile Adhithikal"

'Njangalude Veettile Adhithikal' review
It is painful to see veteran director Sibi Malayil is struggling among his recent films, who once delivered million power hits in Malayalam industry. Latest is "Njangalude Veettile Adhithikal" Malayalam movie, which fall short of expectations. Script hasn't given that platform to establish the plot in a fruitful manner. Overall the film is not up to the mark and on verdict scale it is just below average......

 It is about Manoj (Jayaram), a well known criminal lawyer and his wife Bhavana
(Priyamani), who finds peace of mind by reading books. The couple has lost their only daughter in a car accident and Bhavana thinks that she lost her daughter only because of her husband's carelessness, which belittle the importance of Manoj in her life.

 Gradually this believe develops problems like schizophrenia and hallucination in her. She starts to suspect her husband of having other woman in his life. To make things worse for Manoj, she opts different ways to put trouble on him. As a result new character like Rajan (Kalabhavan Shajon), a criminal and Raj Menon (Narain) enter in their life, which follows the rest of the proceedings.

 As we mentioned earlier, K Gireesh Kumar's script played the spoilsport here. It was too melodramatic to handle. On direction, Sibi Malayil again gave the feel that it is not that best from a director of his caliber. The whole treatment given to this subject was just desultory.

 On technical part, this flick lack charm as well. Sameer Haq's direction of photography was nice in parts, while Bijith Bala's editing didn't work out well. Ratheesh Vega's music stays at average and same for Bijibal's background score.

 Jayaram rendered his character as usual and typical one, which suits his style of acting. Priyamani lost in the overdose emotions of her character. Narain looked out of touch and Kalabhavan Shajon was nice. Lena, Innocent, KPAC Lalitha, Sreerag Nambiar and others have lived up to their respective characters.

 For the banner of Galaxy Films, Milan Jaleel is the producer of this film.

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