Review : "Ormayundo Ee Mugham"

Ormayundo Ee Mukham movie review
Inspiration is everywhere, but when you go through this "Ormayundo Ee Mukham", it felt too much. Anvar Sadik straight on present the exemplary example with his direction, while as a writer he scruples. There were situations where film got short of conventional attempts to fulfill the desired attraction. Nothing too much to boast about, this romantic musical tale is just a one time watch.....

 Here we have Gautham (Vineeth Sreenivasan), an MBA fella  and the son of
Vasundhara Devi (Rohini), a pharma company owner and wants her son to take up the management of her firm. After many occasion, Vasundhara determines to get him hitched to bring some maturity in Gautham, but he is still reluctant to give green signal.

 In this span of time, Gautham meets Nithya (Namitha Pramod) in an unprecedented way and there begins the love factor. A sand artist Nithya is living with her sister Neethu (Soumya) and their parents were died in an accident. Again destiny has written something else and she suffers another trouble, now the story concentrates on how Gautham manages to find a place in her heart.

 Yes Anvar Sadik has tried few new elements (one that of sand artistry), but that didn't added momentum to the narration. Second half was almost felt like a jaded one and on direction aspect, he superintended the proceedings in effective manner.

 Jithu Damodar adapted the visuals pretty finely, Edits could have been better. Kind of missed the Shaan Rahman's touch in the songs, however background score is nice. Vineeth has penned lyrics of two songs.

 Vineeth Sreenivasan managed it quite well, but here and there you may find some flaws as well. Namitha Pramod didn't utilize the opportunity that of character's potential. Aju Varghese as always fits himself into the sidekick role. 

 Rohini, Lakshmi, Mukesh, Idavela Babu, Soumya, Bhagath Manuel, Raveendran and others have given their usual to their respective roles. R J Creations banner and Blue Planet International banner, Jaison Elamgulam is the producer of this film.

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