Review : "Varsham" Malayalam movie

Varsham Malayalam movie review
Indeed tears were welled up in the eyes to roll down, but somehow managed to ensure that others didn't get heed. All the serene constituent sets perfect milieu to demonstrate how a human life can be helpless. Mammootty's approach towards Venu amplified the influence of "Varsham" Malayalam movie. It is touching and courteous enough to make a place in your heart..., good one....

 It is about Venu (Mammootty), a haughty businessman with his lopsided
viewpoint. He transact a local money lending business, (which is also known as blade company) in the town. His wife is Nandini (Asha Sharath), also fall in the same category of Venu in terms of behaviour, where both husband and wife had differences over opinion.

 But on one thing, they never had gone for second thought, which is their son Anand (Prajwal Prasad). Like other parents, both want their son to become a doctor. 

 Meanwhile fate had something else in store for them and an incident turn their happier life upside down. After this whole story concentrate on how Venu overcome this tragedy to reinstate his life.

 Ranjith Sankar's directorial has nothing too much to boast about, but director struck the emotional chord in a right place. The credit should be there for nonpareil script and the feelings of main protagonist. 

 Manoj Pillai's visual composition could have been much better. Editing was precise, while Bijibal's music and BGM maintained element of emotions. Song lyrics were penned by Santhosh Varma and Jayageetha.

 Life of this film is Mammootty's rendering, the way he switches character's psychosis in the second half is just commendable one. Asha Sharath managed it quite well in Venu's wife's role. Mamtha Mohandas's character Dr. Jaishree and Harish Peradi's elder brother role were apt.

 Sunil Sukhada, Sajitha Madathil, T G Ravi, Sudheer Karmana, Irshad, Santhosh Keezhathoor, Sivaji Guruvayoor, Govind Padmasoorya and others have justified their respective characters.

 Playhouse Motion Pictures Private Limited are the producers of this film.

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