Geetu Mohandas turn down her statement !

Geethu Mohandas denied news of her statement.
Issues are getting more intense with the involvement of more people in the controversy over cinematographer turned director Rajeev Ravi's interview. Latest we got from Geethu Mohandas, who turn down her statement given to a publisher. She denied the news and chose her social networking profile for her opinion.

 She wrote - Hello my dear friends…so here I am heavily jet lagged and reading just nonsensical statements
published on my behalf by MANORAMA ONLINE… well all I have to tell you guys is if you haven’t heard it here then CLEARLY I haven’t said anything at all! Just to emphasize that there is ZERO credibility in anything online anymore.

Now this is what I have to say…. What Rajeev has said has been expressed loud and clear because those are his politics and his beliefs. I think every person has the right to like or hate films according to his or her aesthetics. 

 It has got nothing to do with the individuals concerned and I think every person who makes a film or work of art should stand scrutiny on the aesthetics and its social impact. The media discourse should naturally be on his strong political views and his films. 

 It should not be used against any individuals, Let us have a healthy debate which would be better for Malayalam film and culture.

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