Priyadarshan-Lissy decides to end long 24 years of marriage

Lissy and Priyadarshan files for divorce.
Priyadarshan and Lissy.
As the saying goes, it doesn't take much time to worsen the relations between two. In actual Monday (Dec.1) witnessed something unexpected from the celebrity couple, where former actress and wife of filmmaker Priyadarshan, Lissy has filed for divorce at Chennai family court. With this, it will put an end to their long 24 years of marriage.

 In a statement, Lissy said that "It is with profound sadness that I am announcing
that myself and Shri Priyadarshan have decided to get separated after 24 years of marriage. I have filed for divorce today in Chennai family court. Both our children and close friends are aware of this decision. As you can imagine it is a very difficult period in our lives and I request all of you to respect our privacy.

 Earlier this year on February, both star's separation grapevine have created lots of rumours around social media platform.

 At that point director Priyadarshan made a clarification that there are issues, but not reached to that extent of divorce.

 Meanwhile in an interview given at that time, Lissy asserts that they had some issues regarding ownership rights of their company 'Four Frames'. By then, it went off smoothly and both had made a public appearance in a match of 'Kerala Strikers'.

 Both didn't realize when distances became proximity, where Lissy has acted in several directorial movie's of Priyan. On 1990, December 13, Priyadarshan and Lissy got married and the couple have two children Kalyani and Sidharthan.

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