Review : "Angels" Malayalam movie

'Angels' Malayalam movie review
Even real "Angels" would have found themselves in muddled state with this type of story-line and clearly it seems to be a missed opportunity in terms of an effective thriller. Jean Markose directed this film didn't pick up from that certain amount of reactions and the script too look unsteady for convincing narration. Overall its an average stuff.....

 It is about Hameem Haider (Indrajith Sukumaran), a police officer, who spent
months convalescing after getting injured in shoot-out. Before this he was investigating a case of serial murders and now after the gap of two years he joined his duty and still there is no progress has happened in the case involving murder of three women.

Review of 'Angels' Malayalam movie
 On the other, we have T V Journalist Haritha Menon (Asha Sharath) host of popular reality show 'The Third Eye', which caters unsolved crime cases, mainly of missing children. The management decides to bring some changes in concept of show for TRP ratings.

 Haritha decides to concentrate on case of unsolved serial murder in her reality show and there we see the entry of Father Varghese Punyalan (Joy Mathew) in the show, which takes you to the climax of this movie.

 Here the problem seems to be the narration, which sails smoothly in the first half with some good moments of curiosity and in the second half it was just sluggish approach. Jean Markose on his directorial debut, fails to keep that momentum, whether it is in script or direction, both went out of touch.

 On technical part, cinematography and editing was fine with the hands of Sujith Sarang and Sreejith Sarang respectively. Songs stays at average level with the hands of Jakes Bejoy.

 Indrajith maintained his expression in a pleasant way. Asha Sharath rendered her character in appropriate manner. Joy Mathew's character was important one and the character looks shaky. Baiju, Prem Prakash, Parvathy Menon, Dinesh Panicker, Vijayakumar and others have given their usual to their respective characters. 

 For the banner of Cloud 4 Cinema, Linu Issac, Maya Kartha, Hisham Basheer and Saju Azad are the producer of this film.

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