Review : "Mylanchi Monchulla Veedu"

Mylanchi Monchulla Veedu movie review
It is difficult to figure out that how much colours have this "Mylanchi Monchulla Veedu" has spread. Benny Thomas's debut directorial Malayalam movie could easily find its place in potboiler's list and the scenarist team of Udayakrishna and Sibi K Thomas have come up with another that looks remix version of their earlier films. On verdict point, it is just a below average affair.....

 It is a tussle between two families in which one is orthodox Muslim joint family
led by Soya Sahib (Madhu) and other one is Hindu Nair family of Narayana Kurup (Sai Kumar). In orthodox terms, other religion peoples are not allowed in Soya Sahib's house. The house is all set to celebrate the wedding of Waheeda (Kaniha), grand daughter of Soya Sahib and daughter of Kasim Bhai (Siddique).

Mylanchi Monjulla Veedu Malayalam movie review
 As Waheeda is in love with Madhavan Kutty (Jayaram) and she decides to run away with him on marriage day. Partner in crime is her cousin Anwar (Asif Ali), thus things turn into a brawl, which results as jail for Kasim Bhai. 

 After a while when Kasim Bhai returns, he find himself in crippled stage after an accident. There we see the entry of Madhavan Kutty as Mammootty in the house, which forms the rest of the part.

 The film has been packaged with every ingredient to entice the family audience and a pucca Siby-Udayan work. In the first half it was just managed to save the happenings, but it went out of hand in the second half. On direction, Benny Thomas doesn't find the suitable path to draw the streak, although he handled it in a decent way.

 Ajayan Vincent's camera work was fine and something that enjoyable was songs prepared by the team of Afzal Yusuf and lyricist Rafeeq Ahamed.

 No words to say, Jayaram has mastered himself in this kind of roles that he played several times and did it convincingly here. Kaniha managed to grab some attention, while Asif Ali too get a suitable role to put an impression. 

 Meera Nandan, Madhu, Siddique, Mamukkoya, Sai Kumar, Baburaj, Kalabhavan Shajon, Kailash and others gave their usual to their respective characters. For the banner of Red Rose Creations, Haneef Mohammed is the producer of this film.

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