Review - "Mili" Malayalam movie

'Mili' Malayalam movie review
Obviously the expectations was high, especially after director Rajesh Pillai's first movie. On that note "Mili" Malayalam movie has its simplistic approach in narration with loads of stellar performance in both behind and front of screen. However the realistic feel may be contentious where it may not be gulped down by everyone. At last, a nicely carved inspirational stuff, don't miss this one.....

mili movie review
 It is about a girl named Mili (Amala Paul), who doesn't show any usual liking for activities that is normal for girls in her age group. On the other,
she also want to express her feelings like others, but the fear in her didn't allow to do that. Her father's role is played by Sai Kumar.

 To make her self-sufficient, Mili's father decide to give his daughter an experience of outside world and there we see Mili is doing a job as teacher in a play school. But things had never went off her way and as expected problems started to arise. Now the rest of the story deals with how her perspective change after the arrival of Naveen (Nivin Pauly).

 As we said earlier, the first half traverses through without any destination, while second half covers the drops in the first, to attain the destination. Editor Mahesh Narayanan's first scripting work holds that emotional scenes in a simple way that may not interest everyone, however it is a worth one.

 Rajesh Pillai deployed the tactics pretty smartly to adopt the realistic feel in the making and feel-good factor is there, which needs to be appreciated. He avoided those dramatic chaos in terms of audience's had witnessed in recent years.

 Anish Lal's cinematography adapted the grey shades pretty beautifully, so does the B Abhilash's editing works effectively. Shaan Rahman and Gopi Sunder's music is also suitable in terms of theme.

 "Mili" is the protagonist done by Amala Paul where the character was aptly written for her and she totally justified her role. Sai Kumar again put on a stupendous rendering as distressed father, Nivin Pauly gave his best shot with his role. Praveena, Shamna Kasim, Amol Parashar, Sanusha, Ambika Mohan, Vanitha, Anju Aravind and others have successfully registered their presence.

 For the banner of Ordinary Films in association with Cross Pictures, Satish and Dr. Avinash Unnithan are the producers of this film. Have your say on this review, through your valuable comments......

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