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'Picket 43' Malayalam movie review
After "Keerthi Chakra" director Major Ravi had saw lots of up's and down with his films, even struggled to sustain around his favourite genre in film making. But things are different here with his directorial "Picket 43" Malayalam movie, is the plot that somewhere induce an affinity for its solitude. For this distinct attempt, definitely it deserves your precious time......

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 It is about Kashmir's border surrounding lone bunker "Picket 43", which is known for regular violation of ceasefire. The soldiers who got posting there are
meant to be prepared for their last journey, this time it is Havildar Hareendran Nair's turn to get posted on this dreaded place. Hareendran's leave is cancelled as a result he got disunite from his lady love.

 On the orders of his commanding officer (Renji Panicker), he set his way to this isolated region with a military dog named Bacardi. There he finds a nice bonding on the other side of territory with Pakistani soldier Musharaff Khan (Javed Jaffrey). They have same feelings to share, but something else was awaiting them, which leads us to the touching climax.....

 Director has taken an account of his previous failures where Major Ravi approached this script with distinctive attention. However there is not so much change in his direction style, meanwhile conception about character's is appreciable.

 Another part on technical side, Jomon T John's splendid visual adaptation around Kashmir's scenic beauty, add more value to the narration. Rex Vijayan's brilliant work behind BGM and Ratheesh Vega's songs are nice. Of course Major's love for Mohanlal is there with voice over.

 Prithviraj Sukumaran deserves an applause for the extra effort he put on in character's presentation. One could notice his rendering style in the narrative scenes compare to that in the climax portion. 

 Javed Jaffrey done his character with ease and the actor supported the protagonist's role in sensible way. Renji Panicker, Sudheer Karmana, Anu Mohan and others have fairly delivered their performances. Remembering Bacardi on this occasion.

 For the banner of Film Brewery Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., O G Sunil is the producer of this film. Put on your words here about this review, through your valuable comments.....

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