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'Rasam' Malayalam movie review
Among the four releases of last week, one was "Rasam" Malayalam movie in which Mohanlal has appeared in cameo role. Rajeevnath directed this film goes above to discolour the taste of this serving. Otherwise nothing too much to gloat about this flick, on verdict point it is just below average affair......

 Here it begins with superstar Mohanlal arrives in Doha to inaugurate the
restaurant "Rasam" managed by Balu (Indrajith Sukumaran). There superstar unveils the story of Balu in the flashback mode where Balu is the son of traditional Sadya (cooking) expert Valliyottu Thirumeni (Nedumudi Venu), meanwhile his son is not interested in his father's profession.

 On an occasion, millionaire NRI Menon (Devan) residing in Doha invites Thirumeni for the Sadya arrangements of his daughter Janaki's (Varuna Shetty) wedding. On this father insist his son and his assistant Govindan Nair (Nandhu) to travel the destination for necessary arrangements. Rest of the story proceeds as what changes happens in Balu's life.......

 In the narration process, Rajeevnath still made us to believe that beautiful location would entice the viewers without any reason. But sorry to say the first half was just bizarre in terms of narration and the execution wasn't look in place.

 Krish Kaimal's cinematography was nice and he adapted those visuals beautifully. Job Kurien's music was just average and same for BGM.

 On account of rendering, Mohanlal did his every bit to save the proceedings from his guest appearance. Indrajith Sukumaran wasn't looked in the comfortable zone, Nedumudi Venu and Nandhu were nice in their respective roles. Devan, Jagadish, Mythili, Ambika Mohan, Nihal Pillai, Bindu K Menon and others have registered their usual performance.

 Group Ten Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. and Chaya Films are the producers of this film. Put on your words here about this review, through your valuable comments.....

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