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If we compare actor Murali with any Superstars, he too can perform the roles that Superstars of Malayalam cinema had done. He can also be the star of thousands of fans. Murali Malayalam actor shake up the hearts of thousands in 90's with his own acting skills, but with the commercial formula of glamour and his formula of acting doesn't match up due to which he hasn't accumulated so many fans after his back to back one dozen hits in Malayalam cinema.

1954, May 25, near Kottarakara Kudavatoor, born to P. Krishna Pillai and K.Devakiamma's son Murali made his own in the cinema without any help of godfather. Kudavatoor L.P. School, S.K.V High School, Trivandrum's M.G.College, Shasthamkotta Devasam Board College, Trivandrum's Law Academy include his destination of Education. After getting his Law Degree, he joined health department as clerk to begin his official life, while working in Kerala University, he got the chance to face the camera with Bharat Gopi directed 'Njattaddy', through that Lenin Rajendran's 'Meenamasathiley Suryan', Arvindan's 'Chidambaram' include his beginning.

M.T. Vasudevan Nair and Hariharan Team's movie 'Panchagni' came up with a villain character that made Murali a unseparated portion of Malayalam film fraternity. Parukan Bhavam's Natyashastram showcased by him in "Panchagni".

In 1990, Murali's career graph begins to grow where 1992 released George Kunjhi's  'Adhaaram' brings village man's power and charm unveiled by Murali. First few days movie got low collection but later on it goes to golden jubilee which amazed film industry. 

 Success of 'Adhaaram' movie gave courage to directors to select Murali as hero in their movies. Suresh Unnithan's 'Ardaram', Sibi Malayil's 'Kanakinaav', Jayaraj's 'Thalolam', Kamal's 'Bhoomigeetham' witness his heroism implemented hit films.

In the Mid Half of the 90's, his demand as hero takes a down turn, 'Chakoram' and 'Porutham' movie's failure turn him down. In this span of time Malayalam Cinema begins to revolve around the superstars Mohanlal, Mammootty, Jayaram and Suresh Gopi. On the other hand Murali survives as co-actor and villain in the superstars movies. 'The King', 'The Truth' are few of Murali's character that brings success to the movies.

In 2001, Priyanandan's 'Nayathukaran' brought him the National Award for best actor. Murali also got Kerala State Awards for the movies 'Adhaaram' (92), 'Kanakinaav' (96), 'Thalolam' (98). 

Marxist Philosophy's fellow-associate, Murali tries his luck in the Lok Sabha election in 1999 from the Alappuzha seat, but he was defeated by V.M.Sudheeran. Later actor Murali attended all the conferences of C.P.M and In many occasion his presence shows his attention towards the politics.

'Abhinayavum, Ashaante Kavithayum' and 'Abhinayatinte Rasathantram' are few of his books which he gifted to Malayalam Literature. "Abhinayavum, Ashaante Kavithayum" brought him the Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award. 

Later Murali loved Malayalam language as he loved acting where he served Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy as Chairman, he leaved us all on August 6, 2009 at the age of 55 due to heart attack caused by diabetes. Karthika is his daughter who was in the news for her marriage in the recent past, along with Mini, who is the wife of actor.

Published - 8 August, 2010             last updated - 17 April, 2020

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