Drishyam - Mohanlal Starrer Prospered with Opportunity

Drishyam Mohanlal starrer Malayalam movie's first part was being well helmed by director Jeethu Joseph. Aashirvaad Cinemas produced this 2013 released Malayalam full movie is now available online on most of the OTT platforms. 

Drishyam Malayalam Full Movie and Review

- Drishyam Malayalam Movie and Review

Visuals haven't deceived here, at least we can say after watching Drishyam Malayalam movie. Jeethu Joseph and Mohanlal have burst off all the anticipations round the corner with splendid appearance. Surely Mohanlal is back in action after a long, true superstar performance from him. Second half pretty smartly covers the inconsistent element in the first half. On the verdict, kudos to the team involved in this attempt to provide the outstanding thrilling experience.
  • Storyline
The story takes place at a high range rural village, where Georgekutty (Mohanlal) operates his cable TV service. Although he hasn't studied much, but knows the basic of other related businesses under his arm. A typical middle class family of Georgekutty, consist wife Rani (Meena) and their daughters Anju (Ansiba) and Anu (Esther). He loves his family as well as movies that he watch on television set in the small space of his office.

 With ingratiating behavior of Georgekutty, where the things move smoothly just before the first half. Situations goes wayward with a school camp attended by his daughter invites Varun (Roshan Basheer) to their joyful life. Varun is the son of Geetha Prabhakar (Asha Shareth), who is an I.G. with Police department. Here we get to know that Varun is being killed and the investigation starts around Georgekutty's family. This all forms the efforts of Georgekutty to save his family from unprecedented circumstances.
  • Technical
Jeethu Joseph deserves the full credit for successfully bringing existence of engaging narration, especially in rural backdrop. Script has been written with utmost attention and each character has its relevance in communication. Although "Memories" factor rise up, which was shaded up in urban psychology, nevertheless "Drishyam" wholeheartedly delights you. Impressive visual composition from Sujith Vaassudev to detail the scenes. The music also gave the needful and it has been given by Anil Johnson and Vinu Thomas.

-  Drishyam Cast Malayalam and Performance

Mohanlal, Bingo..., right on the money and bring back his charisma to stamp that why people call him "Lalettan". The character well suited him and the way he rendered his character between two different atmosphere is terrific. Meena leaved no margin of doubt with her character, Kalabhavan Shajohn swiftly changed to altogether a new avatar and totally worth it. Asha Shareth, Siddique, Irshad, Kunjan, Roshan, Ansiba, Esther, Balaji and others have justified their respective characters.

- Watch Drishyam Malayalam Full Movie Online available on OTT Platforms

Drishyam Mohanlal starrer Malayalam flick has been internationally remade as a 'Sheep without a Shepherd' directed by Sam Quah. It has rewritten several records at the box office which can be enjoyed at Disney Hotstar and YouTube as well.

Published - December 21, 2013       last updated - 31 March, 2023

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