'Chayilyam' Malayalam movie review

'Chayilyam' Malayalam movie review

Manoj Kana directed 'Chayilyam' Malayalam movie explores conscience of a woman, who become the victim of social practice. In the name of god, some plaintiffs tries to create that apprehension around people, which lands up in state of degeneracy perception. Even then soul stays with this movie that touch the heart. Class performance from lead characters deserves applaud and to sum up it's a brilliant attempt from the crew, which definitely draws your attention....

  • Storyline

Here story takes place in terms of traditional art form 'Theyyam' and the center of theme is woman named Gauri (Anumol) who flee with her lover despite of her family's opposition. Things started to get in trouble when it comes to living in altogether different atmosphere because both hails different caste. Rest of the hope goes downcast with death of her husband.

After all this trauma she gets helping hand from her husband's family, where her father-in-law (M R Gopakumar) brought her back home, while the tone of protest was there in community. At the same time she experience the mental stress and everything moves to different medium. there starts misconception with people believe her as embodiment of Goddess. Rest of the plot concentrates her life struggle to survive this social practice.

  • Technical and Acting Performance

Anumol has given her incredible source of effort to live out this arduous character. M R Gopakumar well matured actor was spot on with his unmatched rendering. Jijoy and the child artist were there with convincing effort for their respective characters. Music and BGM was satisfactory with the theme by Chandran Vayyattummal and lyrics by Kureepuzha Sreekumar.

The director has shown some good caliber, especially after opting a women oriented subject. On technical aspect the movie seems to have lost a bit, where camera works and editing could have offered much more precise and gentle touch. Altogether this movie's crew need a special mention here, who had come up with this movie. Neru Films banner are the producer.

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