Vikramadithyan - Lal Jose Blends it well to a Real Entertainer

Well the trip is on the way and director's latest Vikramadithyan Malayalam movie tries to explore more of real entertainer. Iqbal Kuttippuram's script was a bit lifeless, however Lal Jose steers the ship with so many years of his experience to reduce the flaws.
Vikramadithyan Malayalam Movie and Review

Vikramadithyan Malayalam Movie and Review 

The film doesn't hold any quintessential effect that one can expect from director's stature. Entertaining stuff is surely there and on that aspect it won't disappoint you......

  • Storyline

The story here is of two friends Vikram (Unni Mukundan) and Adithya (Dulquer Salmaan). They sort of lived in a competitive mood and there was sweet-sour spat happening over time. Vikram sails through hunky-dory style and wants to become a Police Inspector like his father Vasudeva Shenoy (Anoop Menon), who on earlier struggled a lot to marry his colleague Lakshmi (Lena).

 On the other, Adithyan (Dulquer Salmaan) brought up altogether in a different situation. His habits often lands him in trouble and he also want to join police force. There's a love interest between them, Deepika (Namitha Pramod) daughter of Homeopathic doctor (Joy Mathew). Meanwhile Deepika is more interested in Adithyan. Now whole story concentrates around their SI selection and the proceedings after this takes you to the climax.

-  Narration in the first half goes a bit exaggerated with flashback moments and the second half traverse through smoothly with all the ingredients of an entertainer. 

  • Technical

- Lal Jose managed it quite efficiently and tries everything from his armoury. The script fails to keep up that ebullience to make it a perfect one. 

- On technical aspect, Jomon T John pretty swiftly adapted the visual frames and editing could have been on better side. Bijibal's music and BG score stays at the average.
  • Acting and Performance
- On the performance side, Dulquer Salmaan stole the show with overall approach towards his character. Unni Mukundan too made his mark and delivered his role subtlety. Namitha Pramod gave her best, Anoop Menon again back with gem of rendering. Lena, Joy Mathew, Nivin Pauly, Charmila, Sidhartha Siva, Santhosh Keezhathoor and others have justified their respective roles. 

- LJ films are the production house which brings this movie to the theater.

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As today's latest trend during this pandemic time OTT platforms have flourished with Malayalam releases.
Vikramadithyan Malayalam Online

This flick is available on amazon prime, Netflix, Hotstar, manorama max and others.

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Published - July 26, 2014                    Last Updated - 26 March, 2023

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