Pranchiyettan and The Saint - Mammootty Starrer still favorite in online streaming

Ranjith scripted and directed, Mammootty in the lead role movie Pranchiyettan and The Saint would visualize the new feelings to the audience. 


Pranchiyettan and The Saint Malayalam Movie and Review

As data suggests film lovers are fond of getting something distinct and that's why this Malayalam movie is still favorite for online streamers.

- Pranjiyettan in Mammootty Style

Mammootty will prove his humour side with this character in this movie. With uncanny dressing sense and less educated wealthier persons life moment this time dived by the director Ranjith. Characters principal is that Everything can be bought through his money.

- Pranchiyettan and The Saint Storyline

Chemmal Eenashu Francis became Pranchi or Pranchiyettan with the love of his well wishers. His Forefathers in the Thrissur town began Rice business. When Pranchi's era came, business shifted from rice to other earning fields. With the growth he moves to different business firms. Father and Mother lost in childhood, responsibilities piled up on Pranchi. No one for his help situation led him to the one man battle for life.

Pranchiyettan always want to accumulate the properties of his forefathers and don't want to loose it to other hands. He developed it to become wealthier. In the middle of this, He doesn't realize that times have changed and he never get time for his educational activities. 

Now he has repute and money, but still his education mark down him in his qualification. He prepare to get it with his money power, which led him to the humor side, very perfectly picturized in the movie.
A girl's presence change his life. 

- Performance, Cast and Technical

Padmashri enacted by Priyamani. Her first movie with Mammookka. Kushbu, Siddique, Ramu, Innocent, T.G.Ravi, Tiny Tom, Jayaraj Warrior, Master Ganapathi, Shreekuttan, Shashi Kozhikode and others have enacted their characters beautifully.

Shibu Chakaravarthi's songs are composed by Ousseppachan. For the banner of Capitol Films producing this movie will be distributed by Playhouse.

- Pranchiyettan Movie Trailer

- Pranchiyettan and The Saint Full Movie Online

Mammootty starrer Malayalam film now can be enjoyed at different online streaming paths such as MXplayer, JioCinema, AirtelXstream and Ott like SunNxt.
Pranchiyettan and The Saints Online


- Facts : Pranchiyettan Released with English Subtitles

It was the good news for the Malayalee who reside outside Kerala as they gonna get Malayalam Movie with the English subtitles released in theaters near them. Mammootty starrer Pranchiyettan and The Saint is the movie, which was released at that time with the English subtitles in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru included in the first phase, later it covered the second phase to America and England, where subtitles print was showcased.

'Many people know Malayalam, but the speed of dialogue delivery led them to the miserable experience is the suggestion by many young fans of Mammookka, in fact other language lovers want to see Malayalam movie' said director Ranjith. With the arrival of pirated cd version in the market, also hadn't stop the success of Pranchi and Team at that moment.

Published - Sept. 10, 2010             Last Updated - 6 April, 2023

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