Ottamandaram - Vinod Mankara's Real Attempt With Some Doubts?

As per makers, Ottamandaram depicts a real life story, but somewhere it ended up with the doubt whether film conveyed its solemnity or not.  

Ottamandaram - Bhamaa's Real Act

Ottamandaram Malayalam Movie and Review

Ottamandaram Movie Review

Definitely a good attempt from director Vinod Mankara, while in terms of realization, it fall short of effectiveness. On performance account, Bhamaa turns out a dark horse and that's what make this movie a watchable one.....

- Ottamandaram Plot

It is about Kala (Bhamaa) a 14 year old girl, who is living with her elder sister Nila (Sajitha Madathil) and sister's husband Bharathan (Nandhu). They hardly earn anything to pass each day and they love Kala as their daughter. Both Bharathan and Nila have no children after so many years of their marriage.

Kala is brilliant in her studies and everything was happening fine in her life till Bharathan get to know about some facts. After this things take a drastic change, where he become a drunkard in the company of his friend (Kochupreman). Rest of the plot deals with how Kala bear the brunt from her family itself.

Performance and Casting

The main attraction is dedication of actress Bhamaa and the way she performed, brings on tremendous impact on screen. On performance wise, there is no two-way to say it is best. Nandhu, Sajitha Madathil, Nedumudi Venu, Kochupreman, Sona Nair, Shankar Ramakrishnan and others have registered their distinctive presence in characters.


Technical Aspect 

Director Vinod Mankara approached the theme very carefully, however here and there in the narration you may feel stretched out. As we said earlier, there felt a lack of charm in the proceedings. Ajay Muthana's script doesn't emerged out from that particular impression and filled with limitation to convince the situations.

Udayan Ambadi grasped beautiful visuals around melancholic ambience. Editing could have been precise. Songs from the hands of Pt. Ramesh Narayanan does enhance the feel. Papilanio Vision banner are the producers of this film.   

- Ottamandaram Malayalam movie online available on streaming platforms.

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Ottamandaram Malayalam movie online

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Published - 19 Nov. 2014,               Last Updated - 6 April, 2023

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