Chackochan now turn to real estate developer

Kunchako Boban as we know him has give so much hits like 'Neeram', 'Aniyathipravu'  and 'Swapnakoodu', and now for three years he hasn't delivered any films to his fans but that has some interesting fact behind that reason. wanna know

Chackochan now turns to a real estate business and he is doing pretty well as a businessman. As he said in an interview with the magazine. He answered to this question of where he was during the three years gap and now Chackochan planning to return to the cinema field.

In the interview he also told that the film classmates Narien's role was earlier offered to him and he can't do that film due to delay in shooting schedule of film. Now all the fans now happy that he is going to give two films for his fans. One is Amma's '20-20', and the other one is 'lollipop' which is going to be directed by shafi.

Cinema to real estate and now back in cinema. great going man.


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