'Veruthe Oru Bharya' movie review

It is the story of Electricity board oversear Sugunan (Jayaram) and his beloved wife Bindu (Gopika) and his ninth standard daughter Anjana. they are the center of attraction in this story. jayaram played the role of honest employee who doesn't give anybody to do wrong and steal any unit of electricity by wrong doing. he thinks that he is the boss of the house and he doesn't allow his wife to go to her home to meet her parents. he quarrels for small things as well.

In fifteen years of their marriage Bindu doesn't get what she want from her husband and then she decided to take retirement from the housewives post. and she retire for the whole day.
and then began the story.................
that what happen when housewife decide to take rest from the day to day house hold job.

Any way on the whole 'V
eruthe Oru Bharya' movie is a hit..............

Producer : Salavudin

Director: Akku Akbar

cast: Jayaram, Gopika, Innocent, Madhu Warrier, Suraj, Rehman, Niveda.

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