Fourty Six Years of Success...

Fourty six years of success
It was Chennai's Kalpakam Studio, where she had unavoidable bonding, She arrived to the arena of cinema in 1963 with Gemini Ganeshan as hero in the movie "Karpakkam", that movies  success maker her a popular figure in south india. By getting lots of offer, in the middle of that she buys a studio with the partnership of director K.S.Gopalkrishanan. She named it after her first movie "Karpakkam". After sometime she left her partnership in the studio and sold it to K.S.Gopalkrishanan.

          We know her with the name K.R.Vijaya , gets lots of applaud for her acting with the time greats MGR,
Muthuraman, Shivaji Ganeshan and Gemini Ganeshan. while K.R.Vijaya started acting in other language movies, She acted in Malayalam movies with the Sathyan, Prem Nazir and Madhu. She enter the hearts of Malayalees. After that nowadays she enlighten the screen with the roles of mother and Grand Mother.

        K.R.Vijaya's last Malayalam movie in the recent time was "Malayalee". K.R.Vijaya is in her 46th year of acting career, which she loved as devotion. K.R.Vijaya's sister K.R.Savithri and K.R.Vatsala are also popular among audiences. K.R.Savithri's daughter Anusha and Swati also been an actress for many films.

      We wish her many many roles for many many years.

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