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Madhu Malayalam actor stand alone
Madhu is the name which leads us to the history of Malayalam cinema. In 60's and 80's, this fat, tall man was a crowd puller. In Tamil, Shivaji Ganeshan introduced multiple flavours of acting, firstly experimented by him in Malayalam screen full of Sathyan and Prem Nazir, with the Jayan wave and Soman and Sukumaran, with the symbol of youngness. Madhu stand alone to give Super hits in his own account. He was the Superstar, when there was no fans association in Malayalam cinema.

                    Trivandrum's, R. Parameshvaran Pillai and Kamalamma's elder son, Madhavan Nair born on 1933, September 23, became the university of acting in Malayalam cinema. Banaras Hindu University's, Post Graduated in Hindi joined Nagar Kovil's Scott Christian College as Lecturer. Madhu stunned his relatives with his decision to resign his job and to join National School of Drama. 

 Ramu Kariat's "Mutupadam" was his first experience with the camera, but "Ninmenijha Kalpadukal" hits the theater before his first film.

           With the golden time of Sathyan and Prem Nazir. Madhu managed his status quite smartly. Prem Nazir and Satyan declined movies came to Madhu and by that he created his own ladder of wisdom. "Vittukal", "Thekan kaat", "Nakhangal","Swapnam", include the super hits, which make Madhu a real star.

                      He counted his roles magnificiently as

"Venalil oru Mazha(Pump Operator)", Mechanic of "Jeveetham", Don of "Alakadalinakkare", Doctor of "Hridyam Oru Kshetrathil", I.G. of "Yudham" among these.

           "Chemmin's" Parikutty Stamped romantic hero image lapped by Madhu to survive twenty years as hero in Malayalam cinema. His pair up with Sreevidya loved by every Malayalees as they became the soul of realistic romance. these pair has credits of dozens of movies together, "Tikanal", "Muthuchipikkal", "Jeevitham", "Oru Gaanam","Idavazheeyile Pucha Meenda Pucha", "Ambala Vilaku" are few among them. Madhu encourages new generation in Malayalam cinema, as he opted for villains role of Paili in "Itha Evidevare" despite his image of hero, which gave a big break to Soman who was the hero in the movie in the role of Vishwanathan, may be Madhu will be the lone actor who had opted for villain character rather than image of hero in the history of Malayalam cinema.

            Madhu knows the present stardom scenario of Malayalam cinema as he acted with Sathyan to Mohanlal though he distance himself from all the controversies.

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