Dileep hits Century with 'Karyasthan' !

Karyasthan 100 for Dileep actor

There It is Dileep's 100th movie 'Karyasthan' arrives in theatres on November 5. On 1992, Dileep the actor face the camera from the front and begins his acting career in Malayalam films, while he was assisting director Kamal. The movie was 'Ennodu Ishtam Kuddamo', character role of a helper to Telugu actor J D Chakravarthy, After that it took three years for Dileep to became the lead actor.

Sunil Directed movie 'Manathe Kottaram', Dileep acted as Mimmicry Artiste in this movie, Kushbu was in the lead role. Movie which turns his hard earned position to the reality was Sunderdas directed movie 'Salapam'. 'Ee Puzhayum Kadanu', 'Punjabi House' became a superhit which engages Dileep to more cinema.

The year 2000 was Dileep's year as he gave continuous 13 hit  Malayalam movies, which brought him to the front line of Malayalam film industry. Dileep stepped in to the producer role with the movie "CID Moosa". His latest hit was 'Malarvadi Arts Club' as producer. Well that's the way to go...

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