Sunday Special : Malayalam Movie "Orkut Oru Ormakoot".

Life is only for Joy and Celebration is the belief of these five youngsters. Their Guardians are from highly respected families in the Society. There families are ahead in terms of financial status. All these facilities help these five guys to live their life like they dream. Lets see who all are these five guys..?

                 Rony, Abbey, Suraj, Arun, Biyon are the five youngsters, they all live in the same apartment, same age, same feelings for each other, thats led them to the same path. In these celebration of life, they got in to the Computer chatting on the Internet with the NRI Malayalee girl and became friends. Her name was Kristal. On one occassion Kristal came to the town of these five guys with some motives to accomplish.

               All these five guys got their dreams shattered when they meet Kristal. She takes up the job to bring all these guys in to the right path is the story line of the newcomer Manoj and Vinod Storied and Directing Movie "Orkut Oru Ormakoot".

                   Here Joe Sibi Malayil, Ben Lalu Alex, Anu Mohan, Vishnu Raghav, Balu will perform the characters of Rony, Abbey, Suraj, Arun and Biyon respectively. Reema Kallungal will do the character of Kristal, Jagathy Sreekumar, Devan, Sadikh, Vijay Menon, Dinesh Panicker, Harikumaran Thambi, Tiny Tom, Simesh, Balachandran Chullikad, Sajin, Ushaid, Vanitha, Bindu Panicker, Reena Basheer, Nasrin, Nayana include
the cast of this movie.

                          Rafeeque Ahmed and Santosh Verma's lyrics will be composed by Leela Gireesh Kuttanad. Swarup Philip is the man behind the Camera. Editing will be done by Mentos Antony. Art Direction handled by Gireesh Menon. Make Up will be done by Pradeep Rangan. Costume will be designed by Divya George and Sunil Rehaman.

                 Hybrid Multimedia Entertainment's Banner, Bimal Kumar producing this movie's picturization is moving on. Kochi and Pallakad is the Location of this Movie will be brought to the theatres by Hybrid Release.

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