Ganagandharvan Completes Half Century today...........!

Yes friends, we are talking about our all and malayalees favorite Dasettan, who on this 14th november completing his 50th year as singer. 71 year old, this legend started his journey as singer in malayalam cinema on november 14, 1961 with the malayalam movie "Kalpadukal" song "Jathi Bhedam Matha Dwesham", which is composed by M.B.Sreenivas.

                        Later on this legend sang and recorded around 40,000 songs in 14 Languages and worked with best of Music Director like Devarajan Mash, M.S.Vishwanathan, Dakshinamurthy, M.K.Arjunan, Raveendran Mash, M.G.Radhakrishnan, Johnson, Ouseppachan, Shyam and even now today's Music Directors
also feel the touch of this legend called "Ganagandharvan".

                        His songs are unforgettable and are on the lips of every malayalee, if it was "Ayiram Padasarangal", "Pramadavanam", "Harimurali Ravam", "Sanyasini" or others, we need more time type out all his numerous hits that he gifted to the malayalam cinema.

                          salutes to Dasettan for achieving this milestone and hats off to this great name and proud of every malayalee "K.J.Yesudas".

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