Strike hits Malayalam Cinema.............

Malayalam Cinema world organisations goes for the strike for their own reasons, which completely halt the workings of the malayalam film industry. In this process firstly Kerala Film Exhibitors Association which releases malayalam movies in Kerala's "A" Class theatres, refuse to take new malayalam movies to the theatres. The reason behind their refusal was "Service Charge" in the cinema tickets.

                         Other organisation of Distributors is Kerala Film Distributors Association also dive in the problem to hit back the earlier one by refusing to release Other language movies in theatres in protest against KFEF's decision. Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation makes success in releasing other language movies in the season of Deepawali festival.

                             On the other side "Kerala Film Producers Association" stops all the functioning of ongoing project, which is on the floor in protest of exceeding the budgets limit of a movie and decided to take
on "AMMA" to came on some decision with the cost of a movie. "FEFKA" also decided to go for strike with demand of increase in wages of film industry employees and demanded upto huge increase in the wages of employees.

                      In this strike two big projects Mammookka's "Venicile Vyapari" and Mohanlal's "Arabiyum Ottakavum, P.Madhavan Nairum" postponed for unknown dates and other movies are also on the line to release after this strike. Hope to get some good news soon.........

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