Review : "Orkut Oru Ormakoottu"

Nice way to open the theatres in the new year with the fresh feel, "Orkut Oru Ormakoottu" hit the screens on Jan 5 by becoming the first movie of the year to release.Last year "Traffic" set the trend for the malayalam movie makers. "Orkut Oru Ormakoottu" get the young look by its makers, but here and there it got some patches as you can watch. Well you can give it a look for its freshness with the story.

                          Now move to the story, Friendship of four guys discussed in this plot, four guys are Rony, Abhi, Suraj, Arun enacted by Joe Sibi Malayil, Ben Lalu Alex, Anu Mohan, Vishnu Raghav respectively. There belief is life is only for celebration and joy. Four guys improved lifestyle and their parents status in the society led them to the spacious life. These guys live in a same apartment and with strong feelings for each other.

                                            On this mode
of life, they strike through the social networking site "Orkut". In this social network, these guys came in contact with a NRI Malayalee girl lives in germany. Her name is Crystal performed by Reema Kallingal. They spend lots of time to chat with Crystal, who on one day decides to came to India for some purpose, but when these guys get to know more Crystal, these guys dreams flies out like flees. Reema Kallingal came up with the good role. youngsters acting could have been much meaty. Devan, Sadikh, Jagathy Sreekumar, Tiny Tom, Vijay Menon, Bindu Panicker, Vanitha, Reena Basheer and others are up to the mark.

                                   Director Manoj and Vinod done their direction to apt and Script also from them is nice. Cinematography by Swaroop Philip needs special mention looks better with his visuals. Songs from the team of Santosh Varma, Rafeeque Ahamed, Sudip Joshy and Music Director Leela Gireesh Kuttan are on the okay side. Editing works are handled by Mentos Antony. Art Direction settled by Gireesh Menon. For the banner of Johny Sagariga, "Orkut Oru Ormakoottu" is produced by Johny Sagariga.

                                         If you have go through this malayalam film "Orkut Oru Ormakoottu", tell us about your opinion through comments.......

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