"Kayalarikathu Valayerinjuppol" from Neelakuyil.

Five years ago, on February 25, 2007, Malayalam Cinema ever seen most favourable personality were lost to the lovers of Malayalam language. P.Bhaskaran mash was the man who left us on today, five years ago. In the fond memories of P.Bhaskaran, we are bringing the song from the malayalam movie "Neelakuyil", Directed by Ramu Kariat and P.Bhaskaran, Starring Sathyan, Miss Kumari, P.Bhaskaran and others. For the lyrics of P.Bhaskaran mash, Music was prepared by K.Raghavan. Lets remember P.Bhaskaran mash with the song "Kayalarikathu" sung by K.Raghavan, of the malayalam film "Neelakuyil".

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