Review : "Ee Adutha Kaalathu".

Director Arun Kumar Aravind and Scenarist Murali Gopy hit the right button with the conceptualization of this Malayalam film "Ee Adutha Kaalathu". This time it looks like some serious issues were came up with the hands of Director and Script writer, which bring up the movies like "Ee Adutha Kaalathu". It will be the right choice to watch this Malayalam movie, so sure go for it.

                                     Narration goes up well with the story, Tom Cherian performed by Anoop Menon, is the police commissioner and been trained with the Scotland Yard. Tom is investigating the serial killing of aged parents, who was living lonely in the high society, despite of his special training Tom was clueless about this murder. On the other side, Vishnu enacted by Indrajith, is a scrap picker from the waste material, hardly earns his bread for
his family consist of wife Ramani summarised by Mythili, works as domestic servant at homes. Others were Vishnu's mother and two children.

                                                    Move on to the next narration, Ajay Kurien essayed by Murali Gopy, is a MD of a Reputed Hospital and put of all his problems on his wife Madhuri characterized by Tanushree Ghosh, and his son. Another character Rustham performed by Nishaan, a North Indian enter the show, works as Sales person and loves to flaunt with the girls, then there is Jagathy Sreekumar- who is the magazine's publisher, Lena performed the character of a News Anchor in a channel. All of them are interconnected to each other with the chaos of this city. Bharath Gopi's son and Scenarist Murali Gopy came up with the good depth in the writing of "Ee Adutha Kaalathu", while Arun Kumar, who works as Editor earlier, create some sure defining moments for this film titled "Ee Adutha Kaalathu". Although it goes through the some unconditional conversation in the first pace, but watch out for the second half which will be disclosed in "Ee Adutha Kaalathu".

                                                      All the characters were up to their mark, whether it is Indrajith, Murali Gopy, Anoop Menon, Mythili, Nishaan, Jagathy Sreekumar, Lena, Bengali theater artiste Tanushree ghosh, Indranse, gave the real taste of acting. Another applause is for the cinematography done by Shahnad Jaleel, which makes "Ee Adutha Kaalathu" a engaging thriller. Music is also treated  good with the hands of Gopi Sundar and Rafeeq Ahamed. For the banner of Raagam Movies, Raju Malliath produced this "Ee Adutha Kaalathu" had been edited by Arun Kumar Aravind himself. "Ee Adutha Kaalathu" a sincere effort from the crew of this movie and definetely a nice "Cocktail" for the Director.

                                                             Just speak out your opinion about this Malayalam film "Ee Adutha Kaalathu" through your comments...........

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