A.R.Rahman to act in "Chettayees".....!

biju menon to produce chettayees
As per the news rounding around the cloud of malayalam films are that Oscar winner Music Director A.R.Rahman might make it to the scenes of a malayalam movie titled "Chettayees" and It is on the floor from chingam 1 means today. There is new banner is also launching today with the launch of this malayalam film "Chettayees".

             Thakkali Films is the banner in which Biju Menon, Suresh Krishna, Cinematographer P.Sukumar, Director Shajoon Karyal and Scenarist Sachi is teamed up to produce their first malayalam film named "Chettayees". On the news of A.R.Rahman's appearance, it is planned
to request A.R.Rahman to give some more credibility to Biju Menon's character. Biju Menon playing the character who's been the member of Rahman's troupe and if every thing settles well then once again A.R.Rahman give some more attraction to "Chettayees".

                  "Chettayees" is all about five friends who explore the new terms with the New Year Celebration. Biju Menon is reported to be in the male lead and Lal also perform the major character. Shajoon Karyal directing "Chettayees" has been scripted by Sachi. Direction of Photography is from Vinod Illampilly. Kochi and Pondicherry include the locations of this malayalam film.

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