Free Tickets for the "Thadiyas"...

free tickets for the thadiyans
If you are looking to have a bash on this Christmas and your weight is over 100 KGs, then you are the right person to avail the free ticket of Aashiq Abu's "Da Thadiya". With the story of a over weight person, "Da Thadiya" provides the hassle free and without any line up for the category.

 But the condition is only for First Day First Show, walk into the theatres (except Multiplexes) and have to prove that your weight is over
100 Kilograms, that's all have your ticket and go for a happy viewing. Aashiq Abu and team are on full swing with their Marketing tactics, which encourage them to provide this facility to the Big Size fellows because of their problems to avail a ticket.

 "Da Thadiya" is scheduled for the Christmas release on Dec.21 and its already buzzing with its Songs and Posters. Now with this offer "Da Thadiya" is all going to give others a run for their money, isn't it...

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