'Matinee' Malayalam Movie Review

Newcomer Aneesh Upasana directed 'Matinee' has got that intensity to generate curiosity among the viewers and Script provide the potential background to narrate 'Matinee' Malayalam movie in a convincing manner. It talks about the life of few persons who lands up in the darker shade of film industry. without a doubt, 'Matinee' deserves your precious time....

matinee malayalam movie

  • Storyline

Najeeb (Maqbool Salmaan), who has his dream of becoming a film star and on the other side, Savithri (Mythili), lost her mother in her early days and hails from poor family. Savithri flee from her house to save herself by her cruel father (Shashi Kallinga). In this way Najeeb and Savithri met on their destiny which is film industry. Now the real things began, when both get the main role in a film and when film came on to the screens, it turn out in a immoral way. 

Both Najeeb and Savithri faced there worst phase in the society, after the release of their first film which was a low grade movie. As Najeeb finds hard to get to the mainstream, while Savithri accepts her fate to move on with the low grade films and roam around in a burqa to protect her identity, which takes you to the rest of the story.

  • Technical and Acting Performance

Aneesh Upasana managed the things under his hands with not going over the limits, especially with this kind of films. Anil Narayanan's script mainly focused on the life of two lives and it could be more rich and enhancing with the film industries trend in that decade. Mythili and Maqbool Salmaan done their best to suite the characters, Lena, Thalaivasal Vijay, Sunil Sukhadha, Shashi Kallinga and others made their roles in a convincing style.

Pappinu's cinematography is nice with the cuts are performed by Nikhil Venu looks fine. Songs are toned to the theme with the tunes of Ratheesh Vegha and Anand Raj Anand and lyrics are penned by Dinnath Puthanchery and Vinu Krishnan. AOPL Entertainment produced 'Matinee' Malayalam movie has been distributed through AOPL Entertainment Release.

Have you made it to this Malayalam film 'Matinee', then don't forget to share your opinion with us....

Update - This flick has grossed approx 21 lacs at the box office.

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  1. :-( went for my boss today avoiding this film.. film kanumpol chirichu.. theatrel ninnirangiyathum pinne pukayayirunnu. hop films with depths ll come in malayalam. th condition's got better than about a few years back though


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