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A father and a daughter emotions get embroiled in a state, that it leads to the illegal trade of human beings. Rajesh Touchriver's "Ente" outcome with the strong communication on human trafficking, but some lack of purity hold this "Ente" to the diverge stage. Rendering of characters should be appreciated to make this movie a watchable one....

 Now its time for the story, where it discuss the bonding of a father Srinivasan (Siddique) and his daughter Durga (Anjali Patil). Srinivasan loves his
daughter to that extent, where no one came in between them. Durga is excellent in her studies and she also fought for the welfare of women and oppose the atrocities against the women. 

 Durga's marriage get fixed with a guy, who allows her to study further after the marriage. On a certain note, Durga needs to attend the interview for the college admission, meanwhile her father is out of town. On this lone journey to the college admission, Durga came to face the traumatic situation, where her father put her in a complicated phase, that leads to the climax of this story.

 Director, who also done the writing of this film, doesn't go through the proper balance on either side as narration could be more better, which may be the backdrop for this film. Ramathulasi's visuals are nice with some good mix of cuts from Don Max. Sharreth's music well suit to the plot and background score is provided by Shantanu Moitra.

 Siddique's acting looks a bit of histrionic way, otherwise well adjusted performance from Anjali Patil. other cast Lakshmi Menon, Rathnashekhar Reddy, Nina Kurup, Sunil Kudvattoor, Warren Joseph gave their good share to the characters. For the banner of Sun Touch Productions and Prajwala, Sunitha Krishnan and M.S.Rajesh are the producer of this malayalam movie "Ente".

  Put on your words and opinion regarding this malayalam film "Ente", through your valuable and precious comments.....

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