Review : "My Fan Ramu"

Nikhil K.Menon and Saiju Kurup's "My Fan Ramu" is just not acceptable in the way it made and gave out a situation, which looks like out of place as to be amusing. Characters are not sequenced well to be in a reasonable manner. At the end, it takes your time for granted, escape this one... nothing else...

 It talks about the fan Ramu (Saiju Kurup), who won the TV show and get selected as winner to get the chance to share some days with superstar
Abhiram (Rajeev Pillai). Now when Ramu reached out to the Abhiram's mansion, which set out the proceedings develop to the level of problem.

 Ramu called out his two friends Pappan (Guinness Pakru) and Kuttan (Bijukuttan) to accompany him with the superstar Abhiram for few days. There starts the another bundle of trouble for Abhiram, where a murder mystery takes place, where it forms the rest of this plot with unanswered questions....

 Nikhil K.Menon, who turned to direction doesn't handle the things to his arms, where the script from the actor Saiju Kurup doesn't offer anything interesting to the situation. Bavan Sreekumar's editing or Pappu's cinematography not in the level to talked about. Sanjeev Thomas Music also doesn't offer anything in this type of film.

 Rajeev Pillai is the supposed to do the mainstream character, but the scenarist Saiju Kurup's character look more louder then Rajeev's character, who won't cater the needs of character. Saiju Kurup, Bijukuttan, Guinness Pakru, Riyaz Khan, Sphadikam George, Suraaj Venjharamoodu and others as usual to average. Uthrattathi Films Banner, Sasi Ayyanchira is the producer of this film.

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